Cavity Wall Claim Process

For those who don’t know, most houses built after 1930 have 2 walls in their construction, the inner walls that surround you inside, and the outer walls with render, paint or pebbledash on them, for example. There is a gap of only a few inches between the 2 walls or “leaves” which act as an air barrier, meaning that, in theory, all the cold and rain from outside won’t come inside because there is a gap.

Cavity wall insulation was installed in millions of homes across the UK and homeowners were under the impression this would save them £1,000s each year on energy bills. But what happened was a lot of rouge company’s jumped on the bandwagon and were completing up to 3 insulation jobs a day when it should of took a day to do one.
Due to a lack of workmanship a lot of properties began to experience mould, damp and condensation which affected the properties value but more importantly the inhabitants health.
Your eligible to make a claim if you feel like you meet one of the below reasons.These are the main reasons but there is other reasons you could be able to claim if so feel to get in touch.